Binho Classic 2.0 - Binho Board
Binho Classic 2.0 - Binho Board
Binho Classic 2.0 - Binho Board
Binho Classic 2.0 - Binho Board
Binho Classic 2.0 - Binho Board
Binho Classic 2.0 - Binho Board

Binho Classic 2.0

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A New Era: The Binho Classic 2.0 is an upgraded, fully modular take on our original Binho Classic models with some major improvements to take your flicking game to another realm. Starting January 20, 2021 the Binho Classic 2.0 will arrive 1-5 business days after purchase.
New Features include:

  • Removable player parts. While red cards of Binho past may have let rule breakers and high-risk shooters off the hook relatively easy. On the Binho 2.0 losing a player on a red card brings an entirely new element to the game. This feature also makes for a beautiful new sound when hit, an underrated aspect of the Binho experience.
  • New integrated net design. The new goals on your Binho board are a fully integrated part which will significantly reduce broken parts and provide a cleaner aesthetic.
  • Laser imbedded turf print. Gone are the days of minor plastisol print lines on the Binho pitch and aftereffects of using high temperature printing. Our new high-end proprietary printing mechanics will laser print directly into the turf itself allowing for a buttery smooth playability.  
  • Unlimited customization. With the Binho 2.0 becoming completely modular and the player pieces, barriers, goals, and complete turf design(surface, lines, logo) are in your hands. We will release different colors and the Binho Build-A-Board features in the near future.
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United States United States
2.0 biñho board

I love the 2.0!It gives you more ways to customize your board with different players & goal color. The new rules add more excitement to the game. The only downfall was the assembly. Grip pliers & a thin knife to clean out the screw hole in the board helped me. But in all, I love the board! I got my close friend to purchase one because he fell in love with mines! I can’t wait until another color option drop! �� Follow @binho.Houston

Clint G.
United States United States
Not ready for release.

I think it's pretty clear this board was rushed for Christmas sales. As a gift to a new player, besides the fact it was missing a hole entirely, he found it difficult to assemble. Pegs not allowing themselves to be installed in holes and they apparently resorted to using pliers. Also, the new goals are not that good. He didn't complain about them, because he doesn't know better having not played on an earlier board, but the ball doesn't even stay in the goal. I actually predicted this on your Instagram page, someone on your team acknowledged it, yet you still sent out the boards this way. You can't just update them later, people already paid for them. You can't possibly sell them a better goal or pieces, you just have to give them at this point. Fully assembled, it's not worth it's price. More premium quality board and pieces are a must for further iterations of the game's board. I would chop this version of the board immediately, as soon as possible from the sales line and continue iterating.

Austin K.
United States United States
Some Improvements

Love the clean paint lines. Not a huge fan of how I had to put almost all my pegs in using a wrench. Even after going back and forth with them I could not get them to enter the threads easily. This makes the red card rule of removing a peg almost impossible for my board. Also had to widen all 8 holes for the goals. I almost snapped one of them trying to insert the back post. Recommend having a pre-sized plastic inserts placed in the holes so the goal post go in easily.

Pamela M.
United States United States
We prefer the original

We returned it and purchased the original classic instead, which we love.

Greg N.
United States United States
Pegs won’t screw in

We’ve had the original binho board and have loved it. We were excited to play on the 2.0. Unfortunately it’s been a let down. The side pegs won’t screw in properly. I’ll be exchanging it for a new board. Hoping the one we got was just a defective one.