Hello Flickers!

My name is Nick Witherill and I am the founding father of Binho Board. It all started in 2018 in my own backyard handcrafting games inspired by Central and South American games that involved using one’s fingers to move an object into a goal. I had fallen in love with the idea of this game after traveling abroad, however when I set out to buy one for myself, I realized there were only similar, yet plastic and cheaply manufactured games on the market. So I decided to create my own soccer and football version of the game that would deliver an authentic experience. I ventured down to Home Depot, Michael’s, and a couple other craft stores and built the first Binho Board in July of 2018. My friends and I had a blast playing on this rickety little board, and after continuously posting on Instagram, my friends and family started buying in droves.

After crafting hundreds of boards by hand I quickly realized this was an exhausting and completely inefficient way of "manufacturing" the boards. This is when I started developing what is now the Binho Classic, which was released on April 15, 2019.

How we went viral for the first time is still to this day hard for me to believe. In June of 2019 Jake Owen's content team saw an ad for our game (would you believe I was spending a whopping $5 per day on Instagram ads at the time?) and they ended up purchasing a board. Through that the game was introduced to Jake himself and he brought it everywhere with them while they were on tour. Jake then posted about it on his Instagram, hyping his love for this game to all of his followers. I'll never forget when I then received back to back orders from JJ Watt and Sidney Crosby. I was blown away! When TJ Watt purchased a board shortly after as well, the Steelers and Texans started playing in their locker rooms and would debate about which team was better. This led to Barstool posting a live game on their Instagram and ESPN writing a feature article on us. And just like that we were off to the races!

My goal is always to bring the authentic sports experience to the game by using high quality materials and well thought out integration for all parts on the board. Overall, bringing people together for an organic experience from all ages and walks of life is what brings myself and my company the most joy. Binho is designed with the idea of universal language in mind; you don’t have to speak the same language to have a great time with anyone on the other side of the pitch. This is what makes Binho Bigger Than A Board Game.

Thank you for your continued support of our brand and our game. Our fans feeling like family is what keeps us who we are.

With love and Happy Flickin,