Official Rules

Binho Board Rules

Standard Game - Tournament Rules

1. The game starts with the ball at center field

2. First to shoot is to be determined by the players on the field with either rock, paper, scissors or an arm wrestling match. If the player who won the previous match is still on the board, they shoot first.

3. Teams then alternate shooting from where the ball comes to a complete stop.

4: If playing 2 in 2* shot still alternates between the teams: team one(t1)/player one(p1) shoots, t2/p1 shoots, t1/p2 shoots, t2/p2 shoots and repeat.

5. Game is first team to 7 goals.

6. The ball must COMPLETELY cross the goal line if viewed from in front of the goal to be a goal (there should be turf visibility if the ball crosses completely over the line).

7. It is still a goal if the ball crosses the goal line and bounces out.

8. After each goal, the team that was scored on kicks off from center field.


The consequences for a YELLOW card and a RED card are as follows below:

Yellow Card - opponent free kick is from the center field.

A second yellow card is now a red card.

Red Card - opponent penalty kick from anywhere behind the midfield line and the infracting player loses a player. To determine which player is lost, opponent is to flip the yellow/red card (like a coin flip) while infracting player calls either red or yellow in the air. Player who wins the flip chooses the player to be lost for the rest of the match.

After a red, the cards reset.

9. If the player shooting inadvertently touches or “double touches” the ball before they have shot, the ball it is a yellow card. If done within his/her own box, it is a red card.

10. Touching the crossbar of the goal with your finger on any shot is an automatic red card. 

11. If the ball is shot out of bounds from outside of your own box, it is a yellow card. If it is shot out of bounds from within your own box, it is a red card.

12. When the ball is against the bands, you may flick from behind the bands (with your fingers technically out of bounds).

13. If the ball is up against the sideline or baseline, the player shooting the ball may only move the band back with his/her shooting hand.

14. It is a yellow card if the board moves while the player is in the act of shooting, and it is a red card if done within their own box.

15. The shooting players head cannot cross the midfield line during his or her shot.

16. Enjoi!