Scottsdale, AZ - Rufus "Dükie" Düchtdorf won his second straight Binho championship title Sunday afternoon at the 36 team Scottsdale Skylanes TGI Fundays Open, beating Zach Nimtz in the finals. Unlike his road to victory in last month's Beach Bum Binho in Newport Beach, Dükie went untouched to the finals rolling through Jessie Greenwood, Booty Benson, and the mouthy Logan "Lowgdawg" Nourse. He collided with a determined aforementioned Nimtz in the championship round. Nimtz battled through multiple grueling matches throughout the day ending with a nail biting victory over underdog Michaels "It's" Fetters in the semi-finals.

In the finals, Dükie took a commanding 4-1 lead over Nimtz early, but Nimtz gathered his composure and righted the ship to bring the match back to 4-3. After about a minute of scoreless play, a poor clear from Nimtz set up Dükie on a silver platter, allowing him a simple shot that bulged in the back of the Binho net. Dükie characteristically celebrated in chauvinistic fashion as fans begged for autographs in which he "politely" declined. Fans are only left with one question after the Skylanes Open; who will beat and prevent the behemoth Düchtdorf from three-peating? Stay tuned for the next tournament announcement next Monday.




June 10, 2019 — Nicholas Witherill