Newport Beach, CA - Rufus "Dükie" Düchtdorf defeated rookie David Soloway in the First Annual Beach Bum Binho tournament on the sunny sands of Newport Beach, California Saturday afternoon. Dükie's run to the title wasn't without controversy and he beat Dom Fashing in a sudden death flick off in the quarterfinals. Fashing had lost earlier in the tournament to a little child but replaced his friend who had advanced to face Dükie. Fashing beat Dükie 5-2 in regulation but lost in the sudden death flick off causing an uproar at the tournament tents, which was said to have been heard multiple piers down. Soloway was able to advance to the final with ease despite it being his first time flicking on a Binho Board, a true testament to his athletic abilities. While Soloway challenged Dükie with a valiant flair in the championship affair, Dükie pulled away 5-3 in front a massive, yet disappointed crowd who were hoping to see David beat Goliath Dükie.

May 26, 2019 — Nicholas Witherill