binho board staredown

Phoenix, AZ - Binho Madness lived up to the hype as Josué Valenzuela beat Nick Witherill for the 1st Annual Binho Madness Championship. Valenzuela was able to overcome a venue change and one of the tougher roads as he faced seasoned veterans Grant Valencia and Dillon "The Ref" Currier in the rounds of 16 and 8, respectively. "8-seed - no one believed in me, except my boy back here!" stated Valenzuela, pointing to supporter Carter Gladstone who exited in the round of 32. Expected veterans Mateo Elorza (No. 1 seed) and Nick Witherill (No. 2 seed) along with rookie Julian Hernandez (No. 6 seed) rounded out the other semi-finalists. 






April 09, 2019 — Nicholas Witherill